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Check out this video for a little welcome message from JB, and few ancient photos and some rare concert footage we found in the attic.  


Jonathan has been entertaining and turning heads since his dad taught him his first three chords on an old Martin 000-18. JB is a true musician from way back.  His music has been described as an Americana, country rock, roots rock, from the southern heartland with a kick. Think of Jackson Browne, James Taylor and the Eagles on the same stage as The Zac Brown Band,  

He’s a singer known for his strong vocals, harmonies and a guitarist who can play beautiful finger-styled acoustic and a driving electric guitar in the same night.

JB’s 2nd Album “Enjoy the Ride” achieved National acclaim in 2013 and 2014 with the song “Shootout Saturday Night”. “Shootout” was featured on each ESPN’s coverage Saturday night races during the ’13 and ’14 Infinity and Sprint Cup series. “When You Say Yes” was coined as “The New Wedding Song” by Ralph Murphy of ASCAP.  2013 and ’14 was also a very busy and successful year for Jonathan. He recorded and released “Enjoy the Ride” and gained thousands of fans and exposure with “Shootout”. 

With a small RV in tow JB embarked on his “Backroads Tour” that took him from NC, through the heartland, around the Great Lakes, Maine, NY, down through the mid-atlantic.  4 months later he came home to NC. Pulling not just an RV, but a ton of new fans   

JB is in the process of writing his 3rd album, with a working title of “All I Got”. He has a lot to say in his songs and his 3rd album will say everything that’s true to him and his music.   

The Sound

 JB has remained true to the roots of his musical past.  He grew up with  Southern Country Rock, Folk, and Old School Country. 

You can hear his early influences of JT in his finger-styled acoustic guitar. His  rhythm and solos on his telecaster come from the rockin' blues of Keith Richards and the funky twang of Jerry Reed.  These two styles along with smooth vocals drive home his songs that come from his southern heart.    JB’s music will let you have the time of your life, and move you to tears of long lost loves and places deep in your heart. A sound that is fueled with a soulful back beat and three-part gospel harmonies. JB sounds like a southern fried, rockin' country with a twist of heartland, Americana, Country Roots Rock, that has a kick! The influences of Jackson Browne, JT,  The Eagles and The Zac Brown Band,  can be heard in JB's originals.    

Streaming Songs

You ever wonder where a song comes from, or what inspired the song-writer?

Check out this link for the backstory of every song on "All Points in Between" and  "Enjoy the Ride".. 


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